Wine diary: Pinot grigio, IGT Campagnola, Veneto

I am by no means a wine expert. However, I do love wine, so have decided to learn a little more about it – armed with an excellent and easy to digest book on the subject, The 24-Hour Wine Expert by Janice Robinson – in order to fully appreciate a great bottle.

This is my first attempt at reviewing a wine, but I don’t necessarily agree that you must be an expert in order to say what you taste. I am usually bewildered by the tasting notes listed on a bottle of wine, searching desperately to find that hint of apricot, wild flower nose or rounded caramel finish. We all taste things differently and have different opinions – the important thing is to enjoy wine and know what you like. I therefore don’t expect everyone to agree with the following, but do go out and try this wine, then comment below with your own review.

As a rule I avoid Pinot Grigio. I usually find this variety lacking in body and quite acidic. However, this Campagnola Pinot Grigio from a hillside vineyard in Italy’s Veneto region is unlike any Pinot Grigio I have previously imbibed. Richly golden with a hint of lime green in colour, this wine has a succulent, full-bodied flavour that lingers on the tongue. There is no harshly acidic taste to ruin its balanced sweetness and pleasant citrus zing, and notes of ripe green apple and apricots (yes, this time I could taste the apricot!) give the wine a cider-y edge. This white can stand up to full-flavoured food – it would work well with a pork dish – so don’t stick to fish or salad.

Pinot grigio, IGT Campagnola, Veneto