The Foodie Behind the Food


Hi, I’m Sofie,

Glad you’ve stumbled upon my blog and I hope you enjoy reading! Here’s a bit about me…

When my dad announced that we were moving to China, you can imagine my response. What on earth was he thinking?! But with no knowledge of the world outside of my quiet little life in my quiet little village (apart from the odd trip to France), I was uprooted and thrown into Beijing life.

It was a sink or swim moment, and stubborn as ever, I was determined to enjoy myself.

And what better way to immerse yourself in a culture than through its cuisine? This is where my love affair with food began.

Before moving to China, I was a meat and two veg kind of gal, hated anything overly spicy and was wary of change to our comfortable mealtime schedule of cottage pie, Sunday roast and chicken casserole.

My eating habits now couldn’t be more opposite. I am always on the hunt for new flavours and I can never go too long without eating food so spicy it has me breaking a sweat.

I have since lived in Malaysia, Italy and France, and have recently settled back in the UK (for now).

Stick with me and we’ll discover what London and beyond has to offer. And if you have any great places to suggest, or recipes to try, be sure to let me know!





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