Everyone’s talking about… Press’ avocado toast

Press is one of London’s most popular juice bars, famed for it’s tasty yet nutritious smoothies, seasonal juices and health kick tonics. But it’s the avocado toast that’s attracting all the attention. Press’ primary focus is on its drinks, but the health chain is slowly expanding its food offering, most recently having launched a range of soups and salads.

Press’s avocado toast

Rich in healthy fats, that will satisfy your appetite and keep cravings at bay until lunch, the avocado toast is an excellent choice for breakfast. Chewy sourdough bread is toasted in a griddle press, marking it with tempting charcoal lines, before being piled with roughly crushed ripe, buttery avocado. A drizzle of olive oil adds a fruity note, while a generous sprinkling of black mustard seeds and vibrant chilli flakes not only add to the visual appeal, but also bring an earthiness and gentle heat. The portion is generous and very reasonably priced considering the ever-rising cost of avocados (and the fact that many well-known café chains charge £1 for a single slice of toast!)

Pair with an antioxidant rich matcha latte, silky chicory coffee or naturally sweet nut milk shake to blow away weekend indulgences.

Final word: Green breakfasts don’t have to be boring. Power up with with this healthy, hearty and delicious dish, and you’re sure to have a great day!


Service: 10/10

The avocado toast: 10/10


1 Broadgate Circle,




Open 7:00-17:00 (Mon-Fri); closed Sat & Sun

SAF Bakes suggestion: Proud Mary’s halloumi & dukka avocado toast

Proud Mary’s avocado and halloumi toast

Much-loved within the SheBu community, but lesser known by Londoners further afield, Proud Mary’s (formerly Hummingbird Café), and it’s sister deli on Shepherd’s Bush Green, turn up the heat against the fierce avo toast competition amongst London cafés. Avocado toast is the café and deli’s speciality dish. At the deli, this simple breakfast bite acts as a blank canvas for a host of toppings, from feta and mint, to smoked salmon, while at the café, the most popular choice by regulars – a Middle Eastern inspired halloumi and dukkah version – is on the new and improved menu.

Three rounds of flavourful, waxy sourdough toast, spread with a little butter – because butter makes everything better – and roughly crushed ripe, creamy avocado are topped with two generous slabs of grilled halloumi, then sprinkled with dukkah – a fragrant mix of peppercorns, sesame, caraway and cumin seeds. Squeeze over the wedge of lime for a touch of zesty peps, and tuck in before the soft, warm halloumi cools into a waxy lump.


Service: 10/10

The avocado toast: 9/10

Proud Mary’s

1C Oaklands Grove,

Shepherd’s Bush


W12 0JD


Open 7:30-17:00 (Mon-Sun)