Everyone’s talking about… Peyton & Byrne’s carrot cake

Peyton & Byrne’s carrot cake

A family-owned award-winning collection of bakeries and cafés, Peyton & Byrne prides itself on its freshly-baked artisan breads that are the shining star of its lunchtime sarnies, its seasonal salads, pies and tarts, and its crisp pastries, soft sugary buns and classic afternoon tea cakes. Amongst an enticing selection of baked goods, its carrot cake has risen to fame – regularly voted one of the best in London, it has customers returning again and again.

Peyton & Byrne has a carrot cake for every occasion – a large multi-layered cake for sharing, and individual mini loaves for one, each one elegantly decorated with a ribbon of sweet and tangy cream cheese icing, a nest of caramelised carrot strings and a dusting of pistachio crumb.

The cake itself is wonderfully sweet, enhanced by pops of juicy sultanas, but the spices could be a little more robust. I also like a little more bite to my carrot cake – it lacked texture and crunch that an extra handful or two of nuts would supply. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t go for a second slice! It’s easy on the palette – neither extraordinary nor disappointing, but moreish all the same.

Final word: Elegantly presented, sweet, spiced and well-baked – it’s everything you expect from a good carrot cake, but I was hoping for a little extra “oompfh” from a cake dubbed London’s best.


Atmosphere: 6/10

Service: 7/10

The carrot cake: 7/10

Peyton & Byrne

224 Great Portland Street,




T: 020 3422 1453


Open 7:30-18:00 Mon-Fri; closed Sat & Sun

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