Everyone’s talking about… Komugi’s Japanese cheesecake

Komugi’s chocolate and matcha Japanese cheesecakes

I have previously referred to Komugi’s Japanese cheesecake as being “as light as a cloud”. On second tasting, this is still true. Since my last visit to Kuala Lumpur, Komugi has launched two new flavours of their best-selling confection: chocolate and matcha, and they have proven almost as popular as the original. Upon a thin layer of soft sponge sits a sweet and creamy mousse-like cheese topping. Both cocoa and matcha are naturally quite bitter, therefore they balance the sweetness of the cheesecake well. Masterfully dosed, the chocolate and matcha additions do not overpower the delicate tanginess that gives cheesecake it’s distinct flavour.

Each little cheesecake provides only a few bites, so they are the perfect little afternoon treat that doesn’t make you feel too guilty.

Final word: Great new flavours, but nothing will beat the original which I give a confident 10/10. I would choose Japanese cheesecake over it’s super rich baked New York sibling any day.


Service: 7/10

The original cheesecake: 10/10

The chocolate and matcha cheesecakes: 9/10


Various locations – see outlets and details on website