Everyone’s talking about… Crosstown’s doughnuts

Crosstown doughnuts

I hate doughnuts. Or at least I thought I did, but Crosstown may have proven me wrong. With its stylish flavours and secret sourdough base, Crosstown has turned an oily, sugar-laden, beige lump into an exquisite confection.

I am a classic victim of the ‘limited edition’. Fear of missing out on something great has lead me to some fairly questionable foods in the past, as manufacturers roll out a quirky new product that sounds great on paper but in reality is a different story. But that hasn’t brought me to my senses yet and it’s this fear that led me to Crosstown today. For one day only, there was a Valentine’s special doughnut on sale – champagne and rose. I was intrigued as to whether these elegant flavours could be translated into doughnut form. So what better day than today to banish my doughnut fears and see what all the fuss was about.

Matcha ring doughnut

The popular matcha ring is intensely matcha with a salty kick and balanced sweetness from a satisfyingly thick vanilla bean-matcha icing and bitter-sweet white chocolate-matcha cream filling. The cake dough base gives a slightly denser texture that is oh so moreish to eat.

Beetroot and lemon-thyme ring doughnut

Beetroot and lemon-thyme ring doughnut

The flavour of bright herb hits immediately upon biting into the hot pink beetroot and lemon-thyme doughnut, which is elegantly decorated with lemon-thyme leaves and crunchy vanilla crumble.

Apricot, lavender and honey doughnut

Apricot, lavender and honey doughnut

A subtler fragrance permeates the apricot, lavender and honey bun. The sourdough base gives a fluffy texture that can be felt before you even take a bite. It’s proudly puffed up and light to the touch. The fresh apricot compote filling is fresh and fruity, rather than sticky sweet, with chunks of apricot giving a rustic, homemade quality

Valentine’s Day champagne and rose doughnut

Valentine’s Day champagne and rose doughnut

And now to the main event for Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than with champagne and roses? A silky custard centre, speckled with vanilla bean and laced with luxurious champagne (you can almost taste the bubbles), bursts out of this bijou-sized treat, complemented by a floral note of rose from the thin sugary glaze. Doughnut royalty.

Final word: If Crosstown can convert me, its doughnuts must be good. Punchy flavours (with not a hint of cooking oil), considered textures and brilliant presentation.


Service: 10/10

The doughnuts: 10/10


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