Café review: Yellow Brick Road, Kuala Lumpur

Yellow Brick Road coffee counter

When driving around KL, I often stumble upon a cluster of brilliant eateries located in a single concrete block just off a main road or tucked at one end of a residential neighbourhood. You can find artisan coffee shops, fine dining restaurants and quirky cafés in the most unlikely of places in this city.

Plaza Batai in Damansara Heights is a hotspot for Western fare, with well-known Ben’s – which has rapidly expanded across KL in recent years – and its BIG supermarket taking up half of the block, and Yellow Brick Road along with its Wicked Pancakes spin-off at the corner spot – a handsome position with outside terrace seating cooled by ceiling fans, where diners can enjoy the sun.

Inside, the interiors are Scandinavian in their character. Simplicity and a connection to nature inspire the design. The café is bathed in timber – not only are there wooden tables and benches; wood also covers the walls, floors and ceiling, is used to craft the main coffee bar, and there is even a tree sculpture which provides a striking centrepiece to one of the larger round tables.

Yellow Brick Road menu

Yellow Brick Road’s menu comprises Italian pastas, stews, seafood, rice and more, but come here for the eggs. The brunch dishes include The Big Breakfast Bash (RM30) that would rival some of Britain’s best fry-ups, and a crushed sweet potato, feta, poached egg, pesto and parmesan creation that could proudly sit on the menu at any of Australia’s top brunch cafés.

The Big Breakfast Bash

The Gardeners’ Breakkie (RM24) is a great balance between comfort food and healthy eating, featuring perfectly poached eggs, creamy mixed mushrooms on rye toast, vine-roasted cherry tomatoes, and light and crisp sweet potato fries.

Gardener’s Breakkie

The café’s skilled chefs execute Mediterranean flavours with flare. The lamb stew, slow-cooked until the meat melted into the deeply-flavoured tomato sauce, fragranced with rosemary and thyme, served with cheesy tortilla triangles for dipping, was a marvel.

Housemade mint lemonade

The café is passionate about coffee and creating the perfect cup; it proudly displays trophies won by its talented baristas for the 2016 Rebel’s Lights Out Latte Art Smackdown and several Battle of Baristas Championships. Yellow Brick Road offers a changing menu of speciality single origin filter coffees (RM15) sourced from top producers from across the globe. Available when I visited was a Kenyan blend with fruity blackcurrant and nectarine notes and a smooth black tea finish.

Filter coffee

Yellow Brick Road awards

Yellow Brick Road Time Out award

Yellow Brick Road

7, Jalan Batai,

Bukit Damansara,

50490 Kuala Lumpur

T:+60 3-2856 0903

Open 9:00-16:00 & 18:00-22:00 daily